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Normalize Normal Bodies

Real, Raw Oklahoma Photography

Photography should be about more than just capturing memories.

It’s capturing confidence & building self worth.

It’s getting a look at your unique complexities and incredible beauty.

Who the hell cares if you fit in anyone’s box? You’re amazing the way you are, and you deserve to feel that amazingness radiate while your photographer hypes you up.

That’s what my photography services are for. They’re the bold, the beautiful, the unique, the passionate – everybody.

They’re for YOU.

I’ll remind you of the badass you are, and we’ll create magic together, okay? Okay!

Oklahoma photography captures a joyful bride in white and two playful guests at a wedding reception, showcasing branding photography that highlights genuine, unscripted moments.
An Oklahoma wedding photographer captures a romantic moment with photography services of a couple embracing on the black sand beach, giving a glimpse into the art of wedding photography.

Photography Services & More

I love helping fellow Oklahomans (and people across the country) feel more valued, empowered, and connected to their being.

Through photography and videography, I have the amazing opportunity to show people like you their unique power.

My videography and photography services include:

My TOP 3 Favorite Photography Services

Oklahoma boudoir photography session featuring a woman adorned with intricate tattoos, poised elegantly on a velvet chair, her confident gaze and the artistry of her ink capturing the essence of self-expression and sensuality.

Captivating Boudoir Photography

Hey, guess what?

You deserve to see how jaw-droppingly beautiful you are, to really reach down deep and express yourself how you desire.

You know what else?

You don’t have to be in a relationship to show off and fall in love with your body. Single, dating, married, it’s complicated – it doesn’t matter! You are beautiful. You are complex. You deserve to be hyped up (by yours truly) in a powerful boudoir photography session.

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Oklahoma brand photography featuring a confident woman posing with poise in a striking blue ensemble paired with a delicate pink off-shoulder top, exemplifying sophistication and style.

Branding Photography for the BOLD & Brilliant

A little encouragement from one business owner to another – running a business is NOT FOR THE WEAK!

It takes immense courage and power to step out and promote your product or service, let alone put yourself at the forefront.

But, guess what?

People buy from people.

So it is essential that you show up for your business, so you may as well show up with a force unlike any other. Branding photography allows you to connect with your audience in a deeper, more personal way. Don’t overlook this easy step toward business growth.

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Wedding photography captures a couple’s tender moment walking hand-in-hand on a dramatic black sand beach, with stark sea stacks in the background, reflecting Oklahoma’s diverse photography backdrops.

Wedding Photography & Videography

Do I hear wedding bells?

Congratulations! Weddings are such a special, intimate time in our lives. On your big day, you’re likely to get so swept up in the activities of the day that you don’t take the time to take it all in, take a mental picture.

That’s what I’m here for! I’ll be your bold, wild, ultimate hype girl. But, my spots are limited!

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Headshot of Ashley St. Clair, an Oklahoma-based photographer and videographer, showcasing her unique style with teal hair accents and a vibrant green velvet blazer.

The Chick Behind the Camera

Oh hey there!

My name is Ashley St. Clair, and I’m thrilled that you found my website.

I ended up in this industry after feeling called to take a leap of faith. After a while, I fell in love with using my art to empower women to step into their true selves. Want to hear more? Check out my About page to get to know the chick behind the camera.

The Sacred Studio

Looking for a warm, unique event space?

I may have just what you’re looking for. The Sacred Studio is a warm, sexy, adult-focused space to host your events. It’s the perfect place for creative brainstorming or reconnecting with your girlfriends.

Plus, I’ve got some events of my own up my sleeve. Check back often to see what I’ve got in store!

Chic photography studio in Oklahoma featuring a cozy green velvet couch with artistic wall decor and lush plants, creating a serene shooting environment.
Sophisticated event rental space in Oklahoma, featuring a luxurious black canopy bed with gold accents, complemented by modern art and moody lighting.

Let’s Make Magic Happen

Sure, I have the photography skills to get the job done, and I am the best hype woman in the state, but YOU are the key to creating something incredible. Reaching out is easy!

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YOU are about to experience confidence like never before because you are cool as hell, and you deserve to SHINE.

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